Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anyone Else Seen This?

It's right down the street from our offices.

Don't know who it's for.



Anonymous said...

If you visit that website, this is the homepage:

Imagine a world where school prayer was mandatory.

Where intelligent design was taught instead of evolution.

And where discrimination against homosexuals and other minority groups was perfectly acceptable.

Right now, people in our community are working to make this dream a reality. If you’d like to know more, join our email list today.


will write for beer said...

yeah, i read that, too. very interesting. evidently, there are different messages up around town, but this is the only i one i have a pic of so far.

Ari said...

I would put thi sin the thing that makes you go hmm category.

Anonymous said...

And PS, I don't want to live in their world...


will write for beer said...

it's not that bad here, really. there's beer!

greta said...

any more info on this?!! get to the bottom of it?
I saw the sister board to this on 24 yesterday -